Protesting truck drivers are going to march on Moscow


Truck drivers from Dagestan (Russia) plan to march on the capital. This was announced on Thursday, November 19 live on radio station “Govorit Moskva” (“Moscow Speaking” – RRT) by the chairman of the union Alexander Kotov.

“Dagestanis are ready to go to Moscow”, – he said.

According to the union leader, in Dagestan a column of trucks more than 50 kilometers in length was formed. Drivers blocked roads in and out of the republic.

“They do not let anyone in their Dagestan, and do not let anyone leave,” – said Kotov.

Also on Thursday truckers announced the blocking of Belgorod, reports the radio station.

November 11 truck drivers held a “warning action” against the introduction of a new fare per kilometre on federal roads that was planned to introduce starting from November 15. They parked their cars along the roads, demanding to cancel the fare. If their demands are not heard, truckers promised not to come to work on Sunday.

Drivers and owners of transport over 12 tonnes from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk, Volgograd, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar territories, the Republic of Karelia and other regions joined the protest.

November 10 Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that reduces the fare to 1.53 rubles (2.5 cents) per kilometer until February 29, 2016. From March 1, 2016 till December 31, 2018 a kilometer will cost 3.06 rubles (5 cents). The representatives of the transport industry find such concessions insufficient.

Toll collection system “Platon” was presented in June 2015. It was planned that starting from November 15 the owners of trucks will have to pay 3.73 rubles (6 cents) per kilometer on federal highways. A part of the funds was planned to be transferred to the regional road funds. The system was developed by the company “Invest-RT Transport Systems” (RTITS), that will also work as its operator.



  • Liudmila Sergeevna

    People of Russia are outraged by new extortionate levy and recently enacted law on reimbursement of damage caused by heavy trucks. The innovation is flagrant in its impudence.
    Indeed, all drivers in Russia do pay transport tax, which is supposed to cover reparation of ways, but nobody care to repair them, and drivers have to pay for broken wheels as well. Calculation indicates: high percentage of money, collected as levy, are merely intended for an oligarch’s pocket. Nonpayment entails overwhelming penalty: First breach – 450 thousand rubles, second breach – one million rubles.
    Numerous protests in many Russian cities have been held these days. So-called “ulitka” (“snail”) actions – long traffic jams – stretched along Russian roads.
    Immediately the whole arsenal of special services’ tools have been sprung into action: No official media tells true about the protest; road-police sets temporary “freight traffic prohibited”, “No stopping” road signs not to allow protest actions; law-enforcers discredit activists. Coordinating protests web-site was blocked by an official body which claimed the web-site to be extremist.
    As a matter of fact, the levy is legalized racketeering – cynical strongarm deprivation of rightfully earned money by oligarchs. Unavoidable consequence of the extortion is snowballing increase of food and essential commodities. Consequently, the whole population of Russia will inevitably suffer from the levy, retirees and elderly population being the most exposed to the threat of famine.
    Therefore, the action against long-haul truckers is action against the population of Russia!
    Therefore, people request abrogation of the law and “Platon” – the levy system. In reality, driven to despair people are ready to march on Moscow.
    We will do our best to inform the World community about real situation with the protests. Follow us.