Russian bomber Su-24 shot down near the border with Turkey


The plane that was shot down on the border with Syria, was a Russian bomber Su-24, reported the Russian Defense Ministry. The ministry said that the pilots of the crashed plane managed to eject. Their fate is currently unknown.

“Also the circumstances of the fall of the Russian plane are being investigated. Russian Defense Ministry said that during the whole flight the plane was over the territory of Syria only. It was registered by the means of objective control “, – reported in the Ministry of Defence.

The Defense Ministry also reported that the plane presumably crashed because of the fiting from the ground. In was also noted that the Russian plane was in Syrian airspace.

Earlier, the Turkish military source of Reuters agency reported that on the border of Syria and Turkey a plane that violated the country’s airspace was shot down. The official site of the Turkish General Staff also reported that a military plane was hit on the Syrian border. According to the Turkish authorities, an unknown aircraft violated Turkey’s airspace 10 times in 5 minutes time span. According to the General Staff, the plane was shot down by two F-16S fighters.

The source of Reuters agency, in turn, said that 2 aircrafts were approaching the Turkish border, they both received warnings, and then one of them was shot down.

Haberturk TV channel and CNN Turk reported that one of the pilots who managed to eject from the plane was captured by Syrian Turkmens living in the area where the plane crashed. According to Turkish media, 2 helicopters were sent to evacuate the pilots, however, they can not land because of the fight on the ground.

Earlier, October 16 a drone was shot down in Turkish airspace. Turkish Haberturk TV channel with reference to the Turkish General Staff said that the drone appeared to be an “Orlan-10” of Russian production. An unnamed source among US authorities has also assumed that the drone could be Russian. The General Staff and the Russian Defense Ministry said that the unit was not Russian. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, in particular, emphasized that all Russian drones “are functioning normally”.

October 17, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu pledged that Ankara will give the “necessary response” to violations of their air space. He stressed that not only drones will be shot down, but planes as well.

In addition, during the Russian operation in Syria, a note of protest was handed twice to Russian ambassador in Turkey in connection with violations of Turkish air space by Russian aircrafts. Cases of violations of Turkish airspace have led to calling of the NATO Council. Ankara also talked about 13 dangerous encounters of Russian and Turkish military aircrafts from 3 to 10 of October.

October 7, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey may refuse to purchase Russian gas because of the worsening of relations with Russia because of violations of Turkish airspace. Later, the Turkish Ministry of Energy explained that Erdogan’s words were misinterpreted.

Source: RBC