Erdogan refused to apologize for the downed Su-24, demanding an apology from Russia


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will not apologize for bringing down a Russian Su-24 bomber, says CNN. On the contrary, according to the Turkish leader, an apology from Russia is expected.

According to him, the Turkish pilots fulfilled their duties.

“I think that if someone and need to apologize, it is not us. Those who invaded our airspace should apologize,”- reports CNN quoting Erdogan.

As reported by Reuters, Erdogan called “emotional” the measures that Russia plans to take against Turkey. He said that politicians and the military officials of both countries must first discuss the mistakes, and then correct them. He also denied reports that Turkey buys oil from ISIS.

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Turkey has not apologized for the incident with the Russian aircraft.

“Until now, we did not hear any concrete apologies from top military and political officials of Turkey, no proposals for reparation and covering damages, or any promises to punish the criminals who committed this crime,” – said Vladimir Putin.

The Prime minister Dmitry Medvedev requested the government to consider a range of measures in response to the Turkish aggression. It has been reported that they will affect a number of areas, including economic and tourism, as well as commercial transactions.

As reported earlier, on November 24 Turkish air force shot down a Russian plane. According to Turkish authorities, the bomber had violated the country’s airspace. As later told by the navigator of the Su-24, the aircraft was in the skies over Syria, and did not cross the border, and the missile struck the tail of the plane “suddenly”.