Erdogan: If S-400 hits a Turkish plane in Syria, we will respond


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his interview to CNN that Ankara will consider aggression if a Turkish airplane that crossed the border of Syria is shot down by a Russian S-400. According to him, they will have to respond to such acts.

“We would not want to see an escalation of the conflict, as well as none of those who involved in the conflict on the side of the official Damascus. But if our plane is shot down, then such an incident will call us to action. This, of course, would be aggression against us, and we have the right to defend ourselves”, – said Erdogan.

Earlier, Turkish President refused to apologize for the downed Russian aircraft Su-24.

On November 24 Turkish air force shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber at the Turkish-Syrian border. One pilot was killed, the other one was saved. Also, during the rescue operation a helicopter was shot down by Syrian militants, and one marine was killed.

Russian Defense Ministry announced the scheme of how the bomber was shot down. According to it (and contrary to the assertions of the Turkish side), the Su-24 did not violate the airspace of the country. Contrariwise, the Turkish fighter aircraft crossed the border and flew into Syria for the attack on the Russian plane.



Image: Sergei Guneyev/RIA Novosti