Authorities prevented blocking the Moscow Ring Road by truckers. The action postponed till December 3


The global truckers’ protest campaign in Moscow scheduled for Monday November 30 failed. Drivers are being arrested, trucks from other regions are not allowed in Moscow, and those who managed to break in one by one, could not coordinate. In this regard, the plan to protest by lining up along the Ring Road is re-scheduled from November 30 to December 3.

The intent to block Moscow in order to demonstrate to the authorities the protest against the new “Platon” system was announced by representatives of 17 regions of Russia. On their way to Moscow truckers faced with strong resistance from the authorities – the police on stationary police posts detains trucks for various reasons, empty wagons are not allowed towards the capital, and the drivers of loaded trucks are requested to sign a declaration of non-participation in the protest. In their opinion, this is done to harden the proceeding of heavy trucks to Moscow.

One of the protest coordinators in St. Petersburg Alexander Rastorguev said that he was detained three times in one day: twice – for his unpaid fine in May, and the second time it had already been paid, and once – on suspicion of falsified documents for the car. Thus, says the coordinator, he could not manage to come to Moscow.


As it turned out, the column of trucks is being dissipated before Moscow, and empty trucks at the police posts are not allowed to go through. Most of the trucks from Dagestan were not allowed to leave the republic. According to the truckers, someone manages to break through the police posts, but only by one or two vehicles, and columns of trucks are being split. The nearest truckers in the column are in Vologda, say the protest participants.

Journalist Sergei Gorodishenin from Vologda who came to Moscow by car said that even loaded trucks are not allowed to leave Vologda – only trucks with perishable products and flammable materials are being let through the police posts.

Most of the trucks from Dagestan were stopped at the border of the Republic of Kalmykia, says a truck driver who introduced as Mohammad-Haji.

“Kizlyar, the border with Kalmykia – all packed with trucks,” – he says. – “They are not being let in or out, no matter loaded or not. As a result – a huge traffic jam at the border between regions”.


“At all the posts on the outskirts of Dagestan’s trucks are being stopped, asked where we were going, some had their vehicle registration taken away, we were also requested to sign the declaration of non-participation in the action, but we refused,” – he says.

According to Mohammad-Haji, originally he was traveling in a convoy of 50 vehicles, and there were several convoys like that. After the trucks in the head of the column passed over the radio that columns are not being let through, it was decided to break into small groups, but it did not help.

“All the same on every post we’re stopped, nitpicked, provoked, and harsh words are spoken,” – complains the trucker.

Currently he is in a convoy of 20 trucks in Mikhailovka of Volgograd region. At the post at the entrance to Mikhailovka Mohammad Haji-passed several such groups of 10-20 cars.


His colleague from Dagestan, Shamil, who managed to get to Moscow on an empty truck, was saying at the police posts that he was going to the capital for loading. Haji Mohammad says that he and his colleagues are determined to get to Moscow “at whatever cost”.

“The authorities are trying to stifle a protest in two ways: on the one hand, they agree on small compromises, on the other – as usual, use force to somehow slow down the protest movement”, – says the Director of the Center of Political Technologies Igor Bunin.

Meanwhile, truckers’ movement towards Moscow is continuing.