Kremlin refused to prove that Turkey buys oil from ISIS


The Kremlin refused to publish evidence that Turkey buys crude oil from ISIS. It was reported by “Interfax”.

“The important thing is to have information and use it in the work that is focused primarily not on proving something, but on fighting against terrorism. This information is used in our fight against terrorism”, – said the president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov answering journalists’ questions about the readiness to disclose such evidence.

November 30, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down in order to protect the delivery path of contraband oil from ISIS to Turkish ports. He stressed that Moscow has “additional information” confirming smuggling “in large quantities, in industrial volumes”.

In response, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was ready to resign if the data is confirmed. He also addressed a question to Putin whether the Russian president is ready to do the same otherwise.

Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down on the Turkish-Syrian border on November 24, as a result of the incident the pilot was killed. Turkey claimed that the aircraft had violated its airspace, which Russia categorically denies.