Military satellite that was lost after launch has been developed for 15 years


Satellite of the Ministry of Defense “Canopus-ST” that was unable to detach from the space tug has been developed fof 15 years, wrote the newspaper “Kommersant” on Monday, December 7. Within a few days it will enter the atmosphere and burn.

The start of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1” was originally scheduled for December 4, but was postponed and took place on December 5. Two military satellites were put into orbit, and then the control was taken by military space forces.

Out of the two devices only one operates normally. According to the newspaper’s sources in the space industry and the military department, the problems appeared during the deployment of the “Canopus-ST” satellite.

“It has already begun to descend from orbit, and in two or three days the satellite and the tug will enter the atmosphere where it will explode” – said a member of the Committee that investigates the causes of the incident.

“Canopus-ST” was in development for a decade. In was meant to go to the orbit back in 2011, but it was finalized and sent to the customer only three years after that. The satellite is able to monitor the ocean and hydro meteorological conditions, and also perform remote scanning in the optical and microwave ranges. The military might use it to explore the sea.