95% of nuclear launchers in Russia are given constant readiness


More than 95% of launchers of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces are in constant readiness, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the extended board meeting of the Defense Ministry. His words are quoted by “Interfax“.

“Strategic nuclear forces are maintained at the level required for the task of guaranteed nuclear deterrent. The Strategic Missile Forces for more than 95% launchers are in constant readiness for combat use, “- said the head of the Defense Ministry.

He stressed that “six missile regiments went on combat duty, equipped with nuclear complexes of stationary and mobile types”. “The share of modern weaponry in ground strategic nuclear forces was 51%.”

According to him, in 2015 strategic nuclear air forces were supplemented by 10 modernized aircrafts, including two Tu-160, three Tu-95MS and five Tu-22M3.

In addition, Shoigu said that “firepower of naval strategic nuclear forces was increased”. According to him, two strategic submarine cruisers “Alexander Nevsky” and “Vladimir Monomakh” are moved into the mode of constant combat readiness.

Source: The Insider


Image: The Insider