EU will abolish entrance visas for Ukraine and Georgia by mid-2016


Citizens of Ukraine and Georgia will be able to travel without visas to the countries of the European Union since mid-2016, reports the newspaper Die Welt citing sources in diplomatic circles in Brussels.

December 15 The European Commission will publish a report with a positive assessment of the efforts that Ukraine and Georgia are making to obtain a visa waiver, the paper writes. The report will become the basis for a formal approval of EU member states on the abolition of visas.

At the same time until the spring of 2016 Kyiv should demonstrate progress in the fight against corruption.

If the decision on the abolition of visas will come into force, the citizens of Ukraine and Georgia will be able to travel freely through the EU, and to remain there for three months every half a year. Abolition of visas does not imply the right to work in the EU though.

Since 2016 visa-free entry into the European Union may receive the citizens of Turkey. The government has made the abolition of visas in exchange for a commitment to take control of the situation of refugees fleeing Syria.