Putin ordered to destroy targets in Syria that are a menace to Russian air group


Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned those who might commit new provocations against Russian forces in Syria.

“I would like to warn those who will try again to organize any kind of provocation against our troops,” – the president said at the expanded board of the Defense Ministry on Friday.

According to him, to ensure the security of Russian troops and bases in Syria, additional measures were taken: the air base was strengthened with new air defense. All activities of strike aircrafts are covered by fighters.

“I order to act extremely tough, any targets that threaten the Russian group, or our terrestrial infrastructure, are subject to immediate destruction,” – said the head of state.

He reiterated that Russia’s actions in Syria are dictated not by abstract geopolitical interests, or by the desire to test new weapons, but by the need to prevent a threat to Russia itself.

“Our actions were not dictated by any unclear abstract geopolitical interests, not dictated by the desire to work out and test new weapons systems, which of course is also important. The main thing – to prevent a threat to Russian Federation”, – said the Russian leader.

Source: Interfax


Image: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera