Russian Navy ship fired on a Turkish fishing boat in Aegean Sea


In the Aegean Sea a Russian military ship fired warning shots to avoid a collision with a Turkish seiner. It was reported by Censor.Net with reference to Interfax.

“December 13th, the crew of the Russian patrol ship “Smetlivy”, while being in 22 kilometers from the Greek island of Limnos in the north of the Aegean Sea, prevented a clash with Turkish seiner”, – reported in the Defense Ministry.

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“At 9:03 (Moscow time) the watchkeeper of the anchored “Smetlivy” discovered a Turkish ship about 1,000 meters away, approaching from the starboard. Despite numerous attempts, the Turkish seiner crew did not respond neither to radio contact, nor to special visual signals and semaphore light flares,” – stressed in the Ministry of Defense.

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“After the Turkish seiner’s approach at a distance of about 600 meters, in order to avoid a collision firearms were used towards the direction of the moving Turkish ship, at a distance of guaranteed unaffection. Immediately after that the Turkish ship abruptly changed course and continued passing “Smetlivy” at a distance of 540 meters without making contact to the Russian crew,” – said in the statement.

Source: Censor.Net


Image: Luis Díaz-Bedia Astor