Security Service of Ukraine reported on the operation against “infiltrators from Russia”


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) held an operation in Kiev against “subversive reconnaissance group” consisting of citizens of Russia and Ukraine, write the press secretary of the Serivce Elena Gitlyanskaya on her Facebook page.

According to Gitlyanskaya, during the operation 2 citizens of Russia and 3 citizens of Ukraine were detained. The operation took place in Kiev. Another member of the group returned fire from automatic weapons, “and was neutralized”. His nationality was not specified.

The SBU notes that the gunman wounded two members of the special unit “Alfa”, and one of them died from wounds to the head. Gitlyanskaya notes that the commandos “while being under fire, first evacuated the landlords and their seven-year child from the premises, and then completed the assault”.

The SBU believes that the group acted not only in Kiev but also in other cities of Ukraine. There were 8 improvised explosive devices, 4 kilograms of TNT, automatic weapons, grenades, and over 42,000 rounds of ammunition found in the apartment where the assault took place.



Image: Elena Gitlyanskaya’s Facebook page