Russian Embassy confirmed the detention of Russian citizens in Ukraine


The Russian Embassy in Ukraine confirmed the information about the detention of Russians by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), reports RIA Novosti on Thursday, December 10, citing the words of press secretary of the Russian embassy Oleg Grishin.

“The Russian embassy has been notified by the Ukrainian side about the detention of Russian citizens, and is currently preparing documents for accessing the detainees,” – quotes the agency.

In the morning of December 10 it became known that the SBU held an operation in Kiev against “sabotage-reconnaissance group” consisting of Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

The press secretary of the SBU wrote on her Facebook page that during the operation 2 citizens of Russia and 3 citizens of Ukraine were detained. Another member of the group returned fire with automatic weapons “and was neutralized”, his nationality was not specified.



Image: Dmitry Karpezo