Turkey deported a crew of “Russia 1” TV channel


Turkish authorities detained and deported a filming crew of the TV channel “Russia 1”, said the Russian Foreign Ministry. Moscow condemned these actions of Ankara as illegal.

As reported by the information department of the Foreign Ministry, the journalists were detained in Hatay province at the border with Syria. They were taken to the police station, and informed about the imminent deportation “for violation of the rules of foreign journalists’ activities in the Republic of Turkey”.
The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the Russian Embassy did not get an explanation of the reasons of the crew detention.

The commentary of the Foreign Ministry stated that Turkey has repeatedly been seen in a series of violations of the rights of local and foreign media.

“It seems that Ankara got scared of discovering by the correspondents of TV channel “Russia 1″ some inconvenient for Turkish government facts about illegal activities performed near the Turkish-Syrian border,” – said in a statement.

The press service of VGTRK (main Russian media holding – RRT) stated that all of the information about the arrest and deportation of journalists was published on the website “Vesti.ru” (a part of the holding). The press office did not provide any additional comments.

As reported by BBC, on December 3 Turkish authorities have introduced new rules for Russian journalists to stay in Turkey. They are required to provide the embassy with an official letter from the management of the media, indicating the purpose of the visit, the venue, and the duration of the visit.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have deteriorated after the Turkish Air Force fighter shot down a Russian Su-24 on a mission in Syria, and the ejected pilot was killed by militants on the ground. Ankara claimed that the bomber violated the border, while Moscow indicates that the Su-24 did not cross the border.

Source: RBC