Israel is ready to supply gas to Turkey


Benjamin Netanyahu said his country is ready to cooperate with Turkey in terms of gas exports. The Prime Minister of Israel said that his government is ready to consider the transit of their gas for export via Turkey, despite the fact that the two countries in recent years have been quite a few disagreements.

Initially, Israel and Turkey used to have very good relationships, but after the Turks refused to European integration, and went towards the Muslim world, relations between the parties deteriorated. Moreover, in 2010, the Israeli commandos managed to seize the Turkish fleet that was intending to break the blockade of Gaza.

Israel used to be an importer of gas, but then gas was found in Israeli part of Mediterranean Sea, so the country become an exporter, and even signed a contract with Jordan. Benjamin Netanyahu wants to export gas to other partners as well, but it is not that easy. The Europeans were proposed with a gas transport stream across the sea to Italy, but it requires significant financial investments.

To send the transit through Turkey, Israel still need to negotiate with Cyprus, part of which belongs to the Greeks, and the other part to Turks.