Turkey “detained” 27 Russian ships


27 Russian ships were simultaneously detained in different Turkish ports. It was reported on Wednesday December 16 by the Turkish media Habertürk. Later, Russian diplomats said that it was a matter of additional checks rather than detention.

The Turkish media says that the detention happened in response to Russia’s actions, which allegedly detained 8 vessels under the Turkish flag.

According to unconfirmed statements of the Turkish side, port inspectors deliberately damaged the equipment on board of one of the detained cargo ships MAHMUT SAKA in order to create a probable cause for the detention.

Representatives of Russia and Turkey started discussing the solution of the problem by e-mail, notes Habertürk. It is not known when or where negotiations might take place. The media writes that the two sides “expressed their intention to solve the problem”.

On Sunday December 13 the Russian ship “Smetlivy” avoided a collision with a Turkish fishing boat in the Aegean Sea. In 600 meters from the ship it fired warning shots after it repeatedly tried to establish contact with the Turkish ship.

Later, Russian diplomats in Turkey clarified that the detention did not take place, but it rather was about some additional checks.

Source: tvrain.ru