Israel expects a record number of tourists from Russia in 2016


Israel hopes for a record number of Russian tourists in the next 2016, said the general director of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel Amir Halevy.

“The Russian market is very important to us. Almost 14% of the total number of tourists are Russians, and 44% of them are the people who come to Israel repeatedly … Israel has experienced many crises, and we know how to act in such situations. There is a lot of things we can share with Russia, and we are cooperating closely,”- Halevy said at a briefing.

“Russia is a big priority for the Ministry of Tourism, and over the next year we hope to see record numbers because we see great potential”, – he added.

The Israeli official said that “in the Timna in 2017 a new international airport will be built, in 20 minutes from Eilat, and a half an hour from the Dead Sea, where a variety of entertainment is offered to tourists, such as biking in the desert for example”.

“A month ago we signed a contract with tour operators for flights to Eilat, and by the end of December we are going to have around 10 flights a week,” – he said, adding that a large-scale advertising campaign that was launched in Moscow should help attract Russian tourists to Israel.

Source: RIA Novosti