Turkey and Europe have closed their skies for Russian military aircrafts


Turkey and Europe closed their skies for Russian long-range aviation performing air strikes on the positions of the terrorists in Syria. This was reported on Saturday December 19 by RIA Novosti with reference to the deputy commander of long-range aviation of Russian air force Anatoly Konovalov.

According to him, Russian pilots have to perform combat missions bypassing Europe, since the sky over those territories was closed to Russian long-range aviation.

“Olenegorsk is the northernmost our airfield that allows us to increase the reach and perform aerial refueling. There were certain things that excluded the possibility of performing the tasks using other options. Europe would not let us, neither would Turkey”, – quotes RIA Novosti the words of Konovalov.

On November 24 Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian military aircraft Su-24. Turkish authorities said that the aircraft crossed the Syrian-Turkish border and was shot down after ten warnings. According to the Russian side, the aircraft was on the territory of Syria.

Source: tvrain.ru


Image: Andrey Belenko