The Prime Minister of Turkey suggested to react on Putin’s words with a smile


The Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu commented on the words of Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Moscow, suggested to take them with a smile.

Commenting on the statements of the Russian president on the “creeping Islamisation” in Turkey and the desire to “lick the American leadership”, Davutoglu said in his interview with Hurriyet that if you treat such allegations seriously, they can be perceived as an insult. Therefore, according to the prime minister, it makes sense to respond to them with a smile.

Davutoglu wondered if Putin would make such statements a month ago, before the incident with the Su-24.

“Suddenly, Turkey became a Muslim country, which is in the process of Islamization. It has become a country that has close relations with the United States. If he said that a month ago, it would be a sensation. Now, such statements can not be taken out of context”, – said the Turkish prime minister.

Davutoglu also said that he doesn’t take seriously the statements of the Russian president on the opposition, which was “suddenly discovered in Turkey”.

As for Putin’s statement about the involvement of the president Erdogan’s family in the corruption schemes, Davutoglu called them “Soviet propaganda”. According to him, such statements are related to the fact that Putin worked for the KGB in the Soviet era propaganda. “But those days are gone,” – said Davutoglu.

Relations between Russia and Turkey have deteriorated since the Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian Su-24, allegedly intruded in the country’s airspace. Last week in Ankara it was reiterated again that they do not intend to apologize for what happened. In turn, Vladimir Putin stressed that he sees no prospects of restoring relationships between the two countries. According to him, with the current leadership of Turkey “is almost impossible for Moscow to negotiate with them”.

Source: RBC


Image: AFP