Western diplomats say Russia is ready for Assad’s resignation

Sources of Reuters agency in diplomatic circles said that their Russian interlocutors talk about their readiness for Bashar al-Assad’s resignation as the president of Syria.

“Russians privately say that they would agree on Assad’s resignation at the end of the transitional period. But currently they are not ready to declare this publicly,” – said a senior source of Reuters in the diplomatic circles.

The agency claims that they have received confirmation from several Western officials that there is a possibility of such a compromise.

According to diplomats, the differences in the positions of Russia and the West concerning the fate of Assad has reduced, but still exist. However, they emphasize that Moscow in their readiness to abandon their previous unconditional support for the Syrian president has shifted far beyond Iran’s, that continues to insist on Assad’s keeping the power.

One of Reuters’ sources pointed out that Russia has a list of possible successors to Assad, but didn’t specify any details.

During the annual press conference of Vladimir Putin on Thursday, a reporter of Turkish news agency “Anadolu” asked the Russian president a question whether they discussed the fate of Bashar al-Assad with John Kerry. Putin responded that Russia’s position on this issue is fundamental.

“We believe that only the Syrian people should decide on who should govern them, and by which standards, which rules,” – said Putin.

Source: RBC


Image: AP