President of Tatarstan (Russia): We want to keep ties with Turkey


After a long thought the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov (for the Republic it was made ​​an exception, and its head is still called a “president” – EADaily) have decided to tell his position “on Turkey”, which Tatarstan has  strong ties with: business projects currently active in Tatarstan will not be stopped.

“They believe in our republic, they invested $ 1.5 billion in modern factories, where 98% of employees are Russian citizens. These enterprises reside in Russia, and of course there should not be any excesses,” – he said. – “As our president said (President Vladimir Putin – EADaily), there are political disagreements between Turkey and Russia, and these issues are being resolved at the political level between the two countries, but as for people – we work according to Russian laws”.

“I think that a political solution to the conflict will happen anyway, so the currently existing projects need to be saved by joint efforts”, – said Minnikhanov.

He also explained that people of Turkey are friendly to Russia, and for Tatars (53% of the population of Tatarstan) Turks are a fraternal peoples.

“We are in the same language group, same religion, and that what the President said is a serious support for us,” – said Minnikhanov.

He said that the republic hopes to maintain economic ties with Turkey, and that several large investment projects are currently being negotiated.

The majority of Turkish companies in Tatarstan are located on the territory of Alabuga Special Economic Zone (SEZ): an auto parts factory “Dzhoshkunoz-Alabuga”, a maker of flat glass and mirrors “Trakya Glass Rus”, a factory producing furniture wood panels “Kactamonu Integrated Wood Industry”, a plastic pipes producer “Design Rus”, a sanitary paper factory “Hayat Kimya”, and many others.

As reported by EADaily, on November 28 (4 days after the Turkish Air Force attacked a Russian Su-24) President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on restrictive measures against Turkey. It introduced a prohibition or restriction of foreign economic transactions involving the import of certain goods from Turkey; employers were forbidden to recruit citizens of Turkey; Russian tour operators were ordered to refrain from selling tours to Turkish; working of any Turkish companies in Russia was limited, and in some cases even prohibited.

Despite the apparently hostile actions of Ankara, the Turkish leadership is not going to apologize, or compensate for damages for the downed bomber. This was repeatedly stated by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.