A scandal raised in India about the quality of Su-30 purchased from Russia


In India, a scandal is raising because of the quality of Russian Su-30 aircrafts shipped to India from Russia, and assembled in India from Russian components. Currently, most of the existing fleet is in constant repair.

The 218-page report submitted to the Indian Parliament stipulates that the availability of Su-30 was extremely low, and the reliability and survivability of combat vehicles is lower than it was declared.

Out of 210 aircrafts at the disposal of the Military Air Forces of India, from 115 to 126 aircrafts are being repaired on the ground at all times. However, Russia is constantly disrupts the delivery of spare parts, and those that are supplied are of inadequate quality.

Out of those aircrafts delivered to India since 2002, 6 machines were lost due to malfunctions during the flight. Total of 35 episodes of engine failure and power loss were recorded.

The existing contract covers the supply of 272 Su-30 machines to India, but currently Indian parliament is considering the refusal of further purchases of Russian aircrafts, and replacing them with French or American.

The previous case of breaking an already signed contract with Russia happened in 2008, when Algeria refused to buy Russian MiG-29.

Source: shipilov.com


Image: Carlos Menendez San Juan