Vladimir Ionov accused of “repeated violations at rallies” has fled to Ukraine


76 year old Vladimir Ionov, who had to come up with his last word in the Preobrazhensky Court at December 23, went to Ukraine. As reported by “Grani.ru“, he has no passport, so he crossed the border illegally, and currently is in Kharkov. Now Ionov intends to ask for political asylum.

“At the moment I want to avoid prison. When I was alone I did not care. Now I’m not on my own: I’m with the woman, and she is not as strong as I am. I made this decision out of the sense of care and love for her,” – he explained his actions.

The activist hopes that eventually he will return to Russia. His lawyer Olga Chavdar told RBC that she knew nothing about her client’s leave.

Ionov is accused under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code “repeated violations of the rules of holding mass events”. On November 25, during the debate a prosecutor asked to sentence him to three years of probation. The last word of Ionov was repeatedly postponed due to the hospitalization of the defendant. As recalled by “Mediazona”, in October the pensioner was attacked by the activists of movements “NOD” and “SERB”: they poured washing detergent and sprinkled sal ammoniac on him, and tore his posters. The activist received eye burns of 1-2 degree.

The first sentence by the Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code was made on December 7. Basmanny Court has sentenced an activist Ildar Dadin for 3 years of prison. An article of the Criminal Code about the repeated violations at mass rallies was introduced in July 2014. Charges on it were also brought against activist Mark Halperin.

Source: RBC


Image: meduza.io