Lithuania will buy American Javelin anti-tank systems


Lithuania is going to buy from the United States an additional supply of several hundred anti-tank Javelin missile systems. This was reported by Delfi referring to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) of the United States.

Lithuania intends to buy 220 missiles and 74 launchers. The cost of the transaction is $55 million,  and it has already been approved by the US State Department.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania are currently declining to comment on this information.

Lithuanian Armed Forces have been using Javelin for more than a year, but in smaller quantities.

This weapon is designed to fight tanks, armored vehicles, other military equipment, it can also be used to fight helicopters, and for attacks on enemy fortifications, such as bunkers.

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that Ukrainian Army needs Javelin missile systems.



Image: The U.S. Army