Turkey accused Russia of the death of 600 civilians in Syria


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that 600 civilians, including 150 children became victims of Russian air strikes in Syria. He also said that 200 of them were killed during the latest raid of Russian Air Force at December 20 in the province of Idlib.

As reported by the agency Anadolu, Turkey’s Foreign Minister states that 90% of Russian planes attack the position of the moderate opposition, including residential areas.

Cavusoglu said that “Russia’s actions have strengthened positions of the “Islamic State”, and the Moscow’s real goal is to return the entire territory of Syria under the control of Bashar al-Assad”.

Also, the Turkish minister said that Moscow “behaves insincerely: on the one hand they sign a paper on a peaceful settlement, on the other – continue bombing the positions of the moderate opposition”.

Earlier, Human Rights Watch also said that Russia is using cluster bombs during the air operation in Syria. According to the organization, at September 30 Russia supposedly used cluster bombs at least 20 times resulting in 35 deaths of civilians, and dozens of people injured.

Russian air military campaign in Syria began on 30 September, after the relevant request of the president Bashar al-Assad. Despite the declared goal of the military campaign (the fight against the “Islamic State”), the Western countries led by the US, as well as Turkey and the Saudi Arabia claim that the purpose of the bombings, in the first place, the Syrian rebels who oppose to Assad, but not the ISIS.

Source: Rosbalt