Blogs: On December 22 the Russian space program finished its existence


A rocket! Tons of metal, lots of electronics, and most importantly, insanely expensive engines – everything used to burn down to hell through the whole history of space exploration. It’s not surprising that sending something, or someone into the orbit was worth the money close to the size of an annual budget of a small country.

Probably, you do not even realize what happened that night. But you just imagine.

Trillions of dollars were just freaking burned, polluting the atmosphere in the process. The cost of a space flight was equal to the cost of the entire rocket. Always. The whole half of the century of the commercial use of space.

And Elon Musk has put an end to this. Now (roughly) the cost of flying into space equals to the cost of the fuel, plus Musk’s profit. The price of a spaceflight will fall 2 times, then 5, then 10 times! Russia will start launching their half-baked GLONASS through Musk – it’s just cheaper.

December 22 (21), 2015 the Russian space program has stopped existing.

Source: Konstantin Kukushkin,