Dmitry Rogozin has shot himself in the foot

Dmitry Rogozin

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin accidentally shot himself in the foot at a shooting range, reports the source of “Interfax“.

Answering the question why Rogozin did not attend the meeting of the president with the government last week, and at the final cabinet meeting on Monday, December 28, the spokesman explained that it is because of an accident that happened during a training fire.

According to him, the official is in a Moscow hospital, and his condition does not cause any concerns.

December 20, Deputy Prime Minister posted a video on Twitter showing him shooting a gun at targets at a shooting range: one gun at the beginning, and two guns after.

The incident has reminded about Rogozin’s post on Facebook, where he commented on Western sanctions against Russia:

“Frankly speaking, Westerners behave inappropriately. Their sanctions is like to shot themselves in the foot. The market can be lost overnight, but its recovery may take decades”.

Rogozin, 52, is a collector of weapons. According to open sources, he is a master of sports of handball, playing football, tennis, basketball, and practical shooting.

Source: Lenta.Ru


Image: Vitaly V. KuzminCC BY-SA 3.0