Russia’s sanctions did not prevent Norway from setting a record in fish export


Exports of fish and fish products from Norway showed record results in 2015, reports AFP.

The volume of fish exports in 2015 reached 7.75 billion euros, which is 8% more than in 2014, and 100% more than ten years ago – says the Norwegian Centre of marine products, that is responsible for promotion of Norwegian seafood.

It was emphasized that the high level of exports was achieved despite the Russian embargo on Norwegian fish. Before the introduction of the embargo in August 2014, Russia was the largest importer of Norwegian fish.

Salmon and trout represent two-thirds of Norwegian export of sea products in 2015. European Union has become the main importer (two thirds of the production), where Poland stands at the first place, the second place was taken by Denmark, and France got the third.

Earlier it was reported that the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to cut gas supplies to Europe helped Norway to set a new record for gas export. The volume of gas supplies has grown in the past year to 107.9 billion cubic meters, which is 0.3 billion more than the record set in 2012.

Source: Rosbalt