Erdogan to Putin: Why send troops to Ukraine? Did anyone invite you?


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized Russia’s actions in Syria, reminding that Russia was invited for a military operation by the illegitimate Syrian government, reports APA.

“Russia says that their troops are in Syria because they were invited by the Syrian government. The Syrian government is illegitimate. Then why did you send troops to Georgia? Were you invited there? You sent troops to Ukraine – were you invited there too?” – said Erdogan.

Turkish president argued Russia’s claims that it is fighting against the militants of the Islamic State in Syria:

“Turkmens say that Russia bombes their villages, Russia is not fighting against the ISIS”.

Erdogan made such a statement after Turkish troops were attacked by terrorists of the Islamic State at the training base in northern Iraq. At least 18 soldiers were killed.

On September 30 Russia began bombing of Syrian territory, including the position of moderate rebels. The very first strike of Russian Air Force on the outskirts of Homs has killed at least 36 civilians. Local media said that there were no militants of the ISIS there, but Russian tactical aviation is bombing places where the opponents of Assad’s regime are located.



Image:, CC BY 4.0