Russia was included in the Top 10 of the worst economies in the world


In the “anti-rating” list of world economies compiled by Bloomberg, Russia comes in the fourth place, followed by Venezuela, Brazil and Greece.

In 2016, the country with the worst economic growth will be Venezuela, followed by Brazil and Greece. Russia holds the fourth position, and in the fifth place Ecuador is, reports DW.

According to the forecast agency, all these countries are expected to decline in GDP. Low growth in 2016 will be demonstrated by Japan, Finland, Croatia, and Switzerland.

Bloomberg predicts that the GDP of Russia will decrease by 0.5%.

The rankings are based on the analysis made by the Agency in the period from October to December 2015.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation does not exclude the possibility that with the price of oil at $40 per barrel, the country’s GDP will decrease even more: by 1%. According to the forecast of the Central Bank of Russia, with the oil price of $35 the country’s GDP will fall by 2-3%.

Source: Rosbalt