Ministry of Defense suggested to start celebrating “The Day of Nuclear Weapons”


A new holiday might appear in Russia. Russia’s Ministry of Defense has proposed to establish a memorable date dedicated to nuclear weapons.

The draft document developed by the Defense Ministry was published on the portal for federal draft regulations.

Officially, the holiday is planned to be called “The Day of the Forces of Special risk”. Celebrating date is proposed to be on August 29, in honor of the first Soviet atomic bomb tests performed this day in 1949.

“Russia has unique nuclear weapons technology, and production systems capable of supporting nuclear safeguarding of our national security complying with the latest requirements, and withstand any challenges,” – noted in the description of the bill.

The bill’s authors also said that the important date is intended to note the contribution of Russian nuclear scientists to eliminating of nuclear monopoly of the United States in possessing nuclear weapons, and the prevention of large-scale environmental pollution during emergency situations at nuclear power plants, submarines and surface ships.

According to the project developers, legal confirmation of this significant date will strengthen military traditions, patriotic education of citizens, and it does not require budgetary expenses.

Public discussion of the draft will continue until January 26.

Source: RG


Image: Andrea Church (under CC BY 2.0)