Latynina: Russia has lost the “gas war” to Ukraine


The Russian leadership, who were using gas supplies as a tool of political blackmail and pressure on Ukraine, has lost the battle for the control of this post-Soviet country.

This was stated by a Russian journalist Yulia Latynina on the radio “Echo of Moscow”.

According to her, the natural resources can be used for political blackmail, but only once, and not permanently, despited what the Kremlin wanted.

“Gas, as I said, can be used as a weapon, but a disposable one. Because after you use it as a weapon, nobody will buy from you,”- said Latynina.

Also, the journalist believes that Ukraine could have said “goodbye” to the dependency on Russian gas much earlier.

“If not for Yanukovych, and all Ukrainian mess, and the deal with Tymoshenko, then everything would have ended much earlier, because as soon as the “gas weapon” was used against Ukraine last year (2015), after the Maidan, then what happened? That’s right: Ukraine refused to buy Russian gas. What was after? Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin – RRT) was speaking, and telling which price was fair, and which was not. Then we (Russia – RRT) tried to stop the reverse of gas from Europe. And now it’s over”, – she said.

“Here is the history of a lost gas war. We are told that we are fighting in Syria, that we are fighting with Turkey. But they forgot to tell us that the gas war was lost even to Ukraine … There’s a “television reality”, where we won “Gayrope” (“Gay Europe” – RRT), and “bent over” Americans, but there is also a reality where we lost the gas war … To who? Ukraine! “- said the journalist.

She stressed that for all 25 years of Russian Federation existence, Moscow led mediocre policy toward Ukraine, which used to be the largest buyer of Russian gas, and as of 2016 has ceased to buy it at all.

“In other words, once again, think about it: a “successful” Kremlin’s gas policy has led to the fact that in 9 years the import of Russian gas to Ukraine fell from 50 billion cubic meters to zero. 50 billion cubic meters – I’ll remind you that we were going to supply 40 billion to China through the “Sila Sibiri” (Th Power of Siberia – RRT) pipeline”, – summarized Latynina.