USA urged allies to send troops to the Baltic states


Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has stated the need to create an international battalion in each of the Baltic countries.

To do so, the United States asked the allies to send their military forces in addition to the US troops already stationed in these countries.

“The idea is the following: in this year there are headquarters of the US military in each of the Baltic countries, and they are ready to work. And we are curious whether more allies could join them with regularly rotated forces, and how we can be combine these companies, so a powerful battalion is created, ready to react at any given moment,” – added Nuland in an interview with BNS.

In addition, Nuland urged NATO countries to draw attention not only to the east, but also to the southern direction.

Speaking of the strengthening of security in the Baltic countries, State Department spokesman noted that Lithuania is already under US military rotation, and military equipment was also sent there.

Earlier Nuland and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius stated that anti-Russian sanctions should last until the Minsk agreement is fulfilled. On Thursday Nuland participated in a traditional January “Snow meeting” that took place in the Lithuanian city of Trakai, which was also visited by foreign ministers of several countries, representatives of the EU and NATO, and experts in international politics.

Source: Rosbalt