Russian Academy of Science told Putin that Russia is falling behind in science


The president of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Vladimir Fortov at a meeting with president Vladimir Putin said that Russia significantly falls behind in science, and scientific strategies created in Russia did not improve the situation too much, reports Interfax on Thursday, January 21.

He added that all over the world a “literally explosive growth” of the scientific sphere is observed, and Russia is “clearly does not catch up”. According to him, the Russian Academy of Sciences believes that one of the main objectives of the strategy of scientific and technological development of the country should be a quick fix of the “alarming, unworthy situation, when the increase in the number of our publications over 15 years amounted to only 12% against a 10-times growth in China, and 3-times in India”.

“At the same time, by the number of published papers we were overtaken by China in 1997, by India in 2005, and by Brazil in 2007. Iran is “breathing in our back”. Unfortunately, there is not a single word about this in the report,” – stressed the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Fortov said that in recent years about 20 different documents has been created, defining the country’s development in the scientific field, but none of them has been implemented. “This is mainly due to the fact that they lacked mechanisms for the implementation of plans,” – said the President of the RAS.

“Once, the president of the Academy Alexandrov said: to accept a strategy, or a program is only 5% of business, but 95% is to implement it. There is no necessary mechanisms for implementation neither in the report, nor in the materials,” – he concluded.