Owen’s report contains data on Putin’s pedophilia


On January 21st the main points of Owen’s report on the Litvinenko case were published. However, the report by itself is very big, and consists of 330 pages. It is now available for the public on the Internet.

While the report is studied, new details emerge, as well as tidbits. For example, an evidence of Putin’s pedophilia is provided on pages 92-93.

With reference to testimony it is said, that during his years in the KGB school, Vladimir Putin was exposed as a pedophile, but his immediate superiors covered this fact, fearing of severe punishment for themselves for missing this fact. So, the case was dropped, and the “problem making graduate” was sent to GDR on a secondary position.


After becoming the director of the FSB, Putin destroyed incriminating documents, but he could not get rid of witnesses of the story.

Of course, one can argue whether these are true testimony, but the fact of inclusion in the official report says that British investigators had reasons to do so.

Source: shipilov.com