The head of the Ulyanovsk region warned the police that people are close to mass protests


Half the population of the Ulyanovsk region are ready to defend their rights with mass protests because of the worsening of the economic situation, said the governor Sergei Morozov on the board of the regional department of the Internal Affairs Ministry, citing case studies.

According to “Kommersant“, Morozov said that “inflationary processes are evolving in the country, and “eating up” increases to pensions and salaries, while job cuts continue. According to the head of the region, some businesses are at the edge of bankruptcy”.

“How do we grow children, how do we go to stores? We made a sociological research: up to half of the population who were interviewed consider the possibility (thanks God, have not made a decision yet) to actively defend their rights. Putting it the other way – to go out to the streets and squares. This is very alarming information for all authorities,” – said Sergei Morozov.

He promised to pay attention to the stabilization of the economic and social situation, and to discuss providing social support to the people of the region.

At the same time the governor asked the police to counter “hot heads” in the region, in order to avoid the Ukrainian scenario. According to Morozov, a few people in the region “attended courses in the United States” to study Ukrainian experience.

Source: Rosbalt