Russia refuses to give asylum to a refugee from North Korea


He faces deportation to North Korea, and the punishment up to death penalty.

Russian immigration authorities refused to give temporary asylum to a refugee from North Korea, which is now faced deportation to North Korea, and, as he says, the death penalty.

As reported a human rights activist Elena Burtina on her Facebook page, the decision of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) in Moscow became known on Tuesday. A refugee (his name is not disclosed because of the fear for his safety) has the right to appeal, but in the case of failure he faces deportation.

According to Burtina, a citizen of North Korea has previously fled to China, there has been deported to his homeland, where he was tortured and sent to a labor camp. He managed to escape and reach Russia. In 2014, the North Korean have been denied asylum, but then he was able to win the appeal, and get an extension of his stay in the country. According to Burtina, officials explain the current refusal by the fact that the citizen of North Korea has not provided evidence that he could face death penalty if returned to North Korea.

FMS of Russia has not commented on a message of the human rights activist.

As reported by RBC citing data from the “Civil Assistance” committee, 211 citizens of North Korea applied for a refugee status for the period from 2004 to 2014, and 170 citizens asked for asylum. The refugee status was given to only 2 people, and another 90 were granted temporary asylum.