Turkey’s Foreign Ministry: Russia’s Su-34 bomber violated Turkish air space again


Turkish authorities said about another violation of the country’s airspace by a Russian aircraft: the incident happened on Friday, January 29, at 11:46 local time. In the evening of the same day the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador of Russia, where he received a protest. Turkish authorities reported that radar stations have repeatedly appealed to the pilots of the Su-34 in Russian and in English. It was not specified where exactly the Russian Su-34 has crossed the border of Turkey.

Ankara appealed to Moscow to stop violations of the airspace of the Republic, indicating that the entire responsibility for the consequences of such violations rests with the Russian side. After the incident, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Turkish media that he would like to meet with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to discuss all the current issues.

This is not the first time Ankara reports about violations of Turkish airspace by Russian aircrafts. In late November, after repeated warnings Turkish fighter shot down a Russian bomber Su-24, that was taking part in a military operation in Syria. Moscow denies Ankara’s allegations on crossing the Turkish airspace. Relations between the two countries sharply deteriorated. Since January 1, sanctions against Turkey were introduced in Russia, and tour operators stopped working on this direction.

Source: euronews.com