Former US Ambassador in Ukraine: Google disproves Lavrov’s lies in half a minute


Former US Ambassador in Ukraine Steven Pifer called the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov regarding the Budapest memorandum “a lie”.

“Mr. Lavrov (at the conference on January 26 in Moscow) was asked about how Russia’s neighbours should feel safe, given the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by Russian Federation, and its failure to comply with international agreements,” – said Pifer in his publication on the Brookings website.

In response to appealing to the Budapest memorandum, Lavrov noted that the document “contains only one obligation: not to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine“.

“Mr. Lavrov is not stupid, and he certainly understands the commitments made by Russia in the memorandum. So, what can be said about the falsity of the Russian diplomacy, and its contempt for international thought, when the Minister of Foreign Affairs says things that can be disproved by Google in less than 30 seconds?” – summarized Steven Pifer.

Pifer reminded that the item on nuclear weapons was the only one of the six. Among others, the document clearly indicates the commitment of signatories to respect the independence, sovereignty, and the existing borders of Ukraine; to refrain from the threat of force, or economic pressure; to provide assistance to Ukraine in case it becomes a victim of an act of aggression; not to use nuclear weapons against it; and to consult in the event of a breach of these commitments.

Source: Rosbalt