Investigation against Russian TV journalist launched in Germany


Berlin prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation against the correspondent of “Pervy Kanal” (“Channel One” – RRT) Ivan Blagoy because of his report about a Russian girl raped by migrants. It was reported on Sunday February 7, by Deutsche Welle, citing a attorney Martin Luithle who filed a petition for review of legality of the journalist’s report.

Luithle said that the Berlin prosecutor’s office began to study the evidence he presented. Currently, there is a “mere suspicion” that is required to start the inquiry.

On January 19 Martin Luithle addressed the prosecutor’s office with a request to check out the story of Blagoy. If prosecutors reveal the illegality of the material, the journalist could face trial, since he lives in Berlin, and his story could be seen by up to 6 million Russian-speaking citizens living in Germany.

Luithle said that the report of the “Channel One” was used to incite ethnic hatred, and hatred among German-speaking population towards migrants.

On January 17, the “Channel One” released the story about a 13-year-old Russian girl raped by several refugees in Berlin. Later it became clear that there was no rape, and the girl ran away from her parents to her friend because of her poor progress in school.