Press service of Israeli Knesset denied Russian lies


On February 10 Central Russian government news agency TASS reported that the delegation of Israeli parliament lead by the deputy head of the Commission for Education, Culture and Sport Yaakov Margi has arrived to Crimea.

TASS has quoted the head of Crimea Aksenov:

“I am sure that the contacts of the authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) and representatives of the legislative branch of the Israeli government will let the citizens of Israel and its authorities make an objective opinion about the processes and events that are now taking place in the Crimea”.

In this regard, the press service of the Israeli Knesset reported that there is no Israeli parliament delegation neither in Russia, nor in the Crimea.

As for the deputy Yaakov Margi, he is in Russia indeed, but with a private visit, not as a representative of the Israeli Knesset.

No delegation of the Israeli parliament, as well as other deputies accompany Mr. Yaakov Margi.



Image: Edmund Gall (under CC BY-SA 2.0)