UN accused Syrian government of crimes against humanity


Official Damascus, the terrorist group “Islamic State”, and “Dzhebhat en-Nusra”, as well as a number of anti-government groups are involved in war crimes, and crimes against humanity. This is stated in the UN report of the Independent Commission on Syria.

The paper analyzed the situation in the country from March 10, 2011 to November 30, 2015. The experts concluded that the Syrian authorities “have committed crimes against humanity – murder, various forms of sexual violence, torture, imprisonment, kidnapping, and other inhumane acts”.

According to UN data, tens of thousands people are currently in prison. The group Dzhebhat en-Nusra created insulators in Idlib, where, according to the Commission, it documented everyone who died during imprisonment. Also, there is evidence that the militants killed government soldiers after capture.

In addition, some non-governmental groups and Dzhebhat en-Nusra committed war crimes like murder, cruel treatment, and torture. In turn, the ISIS treated detainees with violence, including torture and mass executions, and the death sentence was often imposed by informal courts.

At the same time, the Syrian Government prohibits the Commission and other human rights organizations to officially get on the territory of the country to investigate.

Source: Rosbalt