EU launched a digest of Russian fake news: gems of the week


The European Union has launched an official website in Russian containing a “digest of misinformation” from Russian media. In the announcement it is said that “it is strategically important to make sure that its policies are heard and understood by those who prefer to read in Russian”. The site is intended for residents of Russia, the European Union, and countries of “Eastern Partnership”.

The website visitors are invited to subscribe to a weekly “digest of misinformation”. The site has also published its materials (in .pdf ) for the period of January 2016. In particular, there are materials from TV channel RussiaToday, Sputnik Agency, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, LifeNews, the newspaper “Izvestia”, the Channel One (the program “Voskresnoye Vremya” – “Sunday Time”) and “Russia 1” (“Novost Nedeli” – “News of the Week” with Dmitry Kiselyov). Also, Donbass separatists’ media are presented.

The “digest of misinformation”, for example, contains the following statements:

  • a secret lab in Kharkov, where the Americans develop viruses;
  • a Russian girl kidnapped and raped in Berlin;
  • Romanian troops will enter Moldova due to mass protests;
  • Americans legitimized terrorism;
  • there is no evidence of Russian involvement in the crash of the “Boeing” near Donetsk, and the deaths of civilians in Syria;
  • the International Tribunal has initiated an investigation of war crimes of Saakashvili;
  • Ukraine sabotages the implementation of the Minsk agreements;
  • Assad’s regime is not a dictatorship;
  • USA and Turkey will create a new “Kosovo” based on the Crimean Tatar autonomy in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians want to destroy Orthodoxy.

Each fake comes with a disproof.