Syrian opposition asks for anti-aircraft missiles


Representatives of the Syrian opposition supported by Saudi Arabia asked allies to supply anti-aircraft missile systems to counter Russian air force in Syria.

As it was stated on Wednesday February 10 by a spokesman for the Supreme Committee for the negotiations of the Syrian opposition Salim al-Muslat to the Reuters agency, air defense system “would solve problems of Syria”, and protect the civilian population “from any air strikes, including Russian”. He also ruled out passing the missiles over to Islamic militants.

In addition, the opposition has set preconditions for returning to peace talks in order to resolve the Syrian crisis. In particular, opponents of president Bashar al-Assad refused to return to Geneva before Russia stops bombing. The opposition also demanded provisioning of humanitarian assistance to the population of a number of Syrian regions under their control.

Inter-Syrian peace talks in Geneva were suspended on February 3, a few days after they started. According to the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, it is planned that the negotiations resume on February 25.

Source: Deutsche Welle


Image: Expert Infantry (under CC BY 2.0)