Turkey is ready for an open conflict with Russia


Two events have happened recently that indicate that Turkey has lost faith in possible stabilization of the relationships with Russia in the near future, and that Turkey is preparing to an open conflict with Russia.

Yesterday Turkish artillery shelled the Syrian air base Manag in Aleppo province. Russia was planning to deploy another air base there, and some time before that Russian air force has cleared a “corridor” for the units of Kurdish party they support, who took over the airfield.

At the moment of firing there was no Russian units at the airfield, so Russia has no reason to accuse Turkey of an unfriendly act, but it appears that the shelling puts an end to Russia’s plans to use this air field.

The second news is the deployment of Saudi army on the territory of Turkey, who provided its territory for unfolding the Saudi ground operation (and possibly – for NATO’s) against the ISIS, and, supposedly, against Assad.

The Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia confirmed that F-16 aircrafts of Saudi Royal Air Force have been deployed to the air base Incirlik in southern Turkey. At the same time a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia Brigade General Ahmad al-Assir did not deny that Saudi Arabia is also planning to transfer ground troops to the same base.

Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter welcomed the expansion of Saudi participation in the operation. Representatives of the Saudi leadership said that entering Syria is inevitable, and it will be performed from the territory of Turkey.

Source: shipilov.com


Image: U.S. Army Europe Images (under CC BY 2.0)

  • HomoRationalensis

    Russia should launch a preemptive attack on Turkey. Blitzkrieg style. Remember the last time arab armies gathered to attack a ME nation? They got their entire airforces wiped out.

    Attack Turkey

    • MikeZapasnoi

      An attack on Turkey means an attack on NATO. Russia doesn’t have juice for it.

      • HomoRationalensis

        Buddy, I’m in NATO, can promise you, Obama wouldn’t risk a single city for Erdogan and his terrorist friends. 100% absolutely promise you. No Western leader would risk any of their cities for Erdogan.

        • Victor Ionopin

          One one hand: “100% promises” of a random guy on the internet.
          On the other hand: NATO’s Article 5 on collective defense.

          You know, it’s VERY hard for me to choose who to trust 😀


          • HomoRationalensis

            I’m well aware of A5. If you were Obama, given his track record would you risk escalation & nuclear war with Russia? Nope thought not, so there isn’t a single Western leader that would for Ankara. Not a single city would be put at risk. Check out recent statements by former NATO high command.

            100% promise you, Obama (who gives the command, Saudi Arabia, Turkey are likely waiting on) will not greenlight an invasion of Syria.

            I couldn’t care less about your trust issues, go see a shrink.

          • Victor Ionopin

            “100% promise you, Obama (who gives the command, Saudi Arabia, Turkey are likely waiting on) will not greenlight an invasion of Syria”.

            Oh, good to know. I’ll just leave it here then :)

            Upd: and this, too: http://www.voanews.com/content/us-turkish-tensions-escalate-syrian-kurds/3193564.html

          • HomoRationalensis

            You’re suffering a case of “wishful thinking” hoping NATO will ride to Turkey’s defence. You’re probably Ukrainian or something.

          • Victor Ionopin

            Dude, we could clearly see what your “predictions” worth: you “100% promised” that “Obama will not greenlight an invasion Turkey is waiting”, but the next day Turks went in.

            A friendly advice: just quit it and pretend it never happened 😉

          • HomoRationalensis

            Victor, those that start off with “dude” tend to be as dumb as the rap culture pervading society. Let me explain why I’m personally 100% convicted. Not 99.99% but 100%.

            1. Obama’s policy has always been to remove US boots from foreign soil not the opposite. In his final months he’s not about to reverse his deep seated inner guiding principles by invading Syria, backing the Sunnis, challenging the Kurds, Assad, Russia, Iran.
            2. Obama has just done “the deal of the century” in his mind with Iran, one for the history books. Now all of the sudden he wants to undo all of that and go to war with not only Russia but Iran too? Hey Iran, the whole deal I staked my entire reputation on, let’s ignore it and go to war.
            3. Kerry quote…so that means verbatim, which means the EXACT words from his being.

            Washington has come to terms with the fact that there’s only one way out of this now. It’s either go to war with Russia and Iran or admit that this particular effort to bring about regime change in the Mid-East simply isn’t salvageable.

            “Kerry said that basically, it was the opposition (Islamist rebels) that didn’t want to
            negotiate and didn’t want a ceasefire, and they walked away,” a second aid worker told MEE.

            Kerry shot back “‘What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia? Is that what you want?’” the aid worker said Kerry told her.

            So that’s a rock solid, cast iron guarantee, Obama is not about to be pressured into a war with Russia, period, not over Syria at least.

            As for Turkey’s actions, had it ever occurred to that rap culture infested mind of yours that Turkey has gone ROGUE, is acting outside US policy. Furthermore, Obama knows Turkey has gone rogue. If Saudi Arabia & Turkey et al (Sunni Arab alliance) do decide to attack Syria and obviously the Kurds (who have a security pact with the Russians) the Russians WILL bomb the Turks and/or any invaders that fail to get express authority through Assad. They have stated this on record numerous times.

            Now in your defence, is there a small chance that Turkey would defy Washington and the world, attacking the Kurds, launching a Sunni unilateral ground invasion? Of course there is! Because Erdogan is irrational, he suffers ego, hubris, arrogance, pride, and those dark triad traits. Sunni muslims around the world are not exactly known for their reasoning capabilities. Would NATO under Obama’s orders go to war with a nuclear superpower given the risks and severity of escalation with Obama’s final few months in office?

            100% no chance. Obama doesn’t want the legacy of having been seen to be starting WW3 on his watch.

            If you’re too stupid to figure that out, suggest you stop listening to all the mind numbing rap, with your “dudes” and grand delusions.

          • Victor Ionopin

            Oh wow, 3 “classics” of internet arguing in one comment:

            1. Picking on words and making “smart” conclusions based on them. Example: “those that start off with “dude” tend to be as dumb as the rap culture pervading society”, “rap culture infested mind”, “stop listening to all the mind numbing rap”.

            The fact: I’m 43 y.o., don’t you think I’m too old for that “rap culture” you’re such an expert at? No, I was never a part of that “culture”, and I’m “not 99% but 100%” certain I will never be. As for “dudes”: English is not my native language, and I definitely don’t feel all those little nuances of “buddies”, “dudes”, and “men”. Go ahead, blame me for that :)

            2. Referring to nationality (race, religion, country of living, etc). Example: “You’re probably Ukrainian or something, hence your panic”.

            The fact: no, I’m not Ukrainian, have never been to Ukraine, and have no friends, or relatives living in Ukraine. So, wrong again :)

            3. Insults. Example: “that rap culture infested mind of yours”, “if you’re too stupid to figure that out”. Well, no comments here.

            An overall comment:

            So, you’re “not 99% but 100%” certain that for the sake of preserving “the deal of the century” with Iran (who needs this deal waaaaaay more than the US does, and who has already started withdrawing its troops from Syria 2 months ago) Obama will
            1. fail to comply with Article 5, which will lead to breaking the most powerful military alliance of all times;
            2. as a result – weaken relations with European countries, losing American influence on them, and losing the American role as the “world gendarme” entirely;
            3. be put in those “history books” as the president who killed NATO, and let a bloody KGB asshole leading a dying country with 1% of the world GDP win over an alliance with 50% of the world GDP.

            Is that what you’re saying? Ok “buddy” (I hope you don’t mind that word? Well, you shouldn’t: you used it yourself :)), let it be so: Obama trades NATO for Iran. “100% certain”, yeah :)

            Ok buddy, do come up with your “brilliant comeback”, and let’s be done with it. You may even stick to the “internet classics”, and use another “flawless argument” like “your mom”, or something like that. To complete the picture, so to speak :)))

          • HomoRationalensis

            You’ve just done the HOLY GRAIL of diversionary tactics, when all else fails, write a load of complete and utter emotive ranting garbage using many words, ignoring ALL valid points raised.

            Congratulations kid for world class OBFUSCATION buffoonery on a scale that would make your “MOM” as you put it, cry.

            If you’re 43 suggest you get mental help, if not already. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if you were, let’s be kind, ‘seeking council’.

            Just scan over the utter waffle you’ve button bashed away and tell me honestly whether that’s normal?

          • HomoRationalensis

            Morning dumbo, thought I’d keep showing up on your deluded radar with this

            NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia

            Looks like your craving for WW3 isn’t going to be satisfied.

            “NATO cannot allow itself to be pulled into a military escalation
            with Russia as a result of the recent tensions between Russia and
            Turkey,” Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn told Der Spiegel.

            Apology accepted “dumbo”

          • MikeZapasnoi

            “Sputnik News” as a “credible source”? Really??? 😀


            “Sputnik is an international multimedia service launched on 10 November 2014 by Rossiya Segodnya, an agency wholly owned and operated by the Russian government, which was created by a Decree of the President of Russia on December 9, 2013.”

            JFYI: “Rossiya Segodnya” is “Russia Today”.

            Wow, looks like the guy was smart enough to stop talking to you timely 😀

            Russia is currently desperately trying to find a way to run away with their tail between their legs (Putin asked for ceasefire, didn’t he, and he won’t even deny it). After all, Turkey won’t even require NATO’s involvement: Saudis’ help will be more than enough to solve Russian problem. Of course, in case Russia dares to, but it won’t: their favourite and only tactics is cowardly send troops in blank uniforms, but Turks will deal with them “with their own sword”. Especially comparing the length and the complexity of supply lines for Russia and for Turkey.

          • HomoRationalensis

            Hi there “dude” right on cue as if to go some way towards verifying my “100%” thesis, we get the mad Turks laying down the law to Obama.


            Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says the US should
            break ties with Kurdish fighters, saying “resorting to terrorist groups
            like the YPG is above all a sign of weakness.”

            Cavusoglu accused the United States on Friday of making conflicting
            statements about the Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters which, Ankara says,
            were working with members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

            “Resorting to terrorist groups like the YPG in the fight against Deash
            in Syria is above all a sign of weakness,” he said in Tbilisi while on
            an official visit to Georgia.

            “Everyone must stop this mistake. In particular our ally the United
            States must stop this mistake immediately,” said Cavusoglu whose remarks
            were carried live on Turkish state broadcaster TRT Haber.

            So we’ll soon find out Obama’s position, I suspect the Turks already know Obama will not back them militarily.

            You’re probably Ukrainian or something, hence your panic. Don’t blame you. NATO is finished given Obama will not commit US troops to the cause against Russia.