Damascus said about Turkish military invasion in Syria


The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that 12 pickup trucks equipped with machine guns crossed the Syrian-Turkish border, and entered the territory of Syria. This was reported by the Syrian agency SANA on Sunday February 14.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry claims that there were about a hundred armed men in those pickups, who were, perhaps, the Turkish military and mercenaries.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has sent a request to the UN Secretary General, and the UN Security Council, calling Turkey’s actions “outrageous”. Damascus also called the Turkish military attacks in Syria “a flagrant violation” of the sovereignty of Syria, the UN principles, and Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism.

Damascus said that Syria has the right to respond to the “illegal” actions of Turkey.

The day before Turkey shelled Kurdish positions in Syria. Syria’s Foreign Ministry called the attacks of the Turkish military on its territory “supporting terrorist organizations”. Turkey demanded Syrian Kurds to leave the military base in the Syrian town of Azaz. The Kurds said they would not surrender their positions.

On February 13 Saudi Arabia sent its aircrafts and troops to Turkey for a possible ground operation in Syria.

Source: tvrain.ru


Image: Step (under CC BY 2.0)