A powerful blast in Ankara, 28 dead (video)


The death toll in the explosion in Ankara has risen to 28 people. It was reported by BBC, citing the statement of Turkish authorities.

According to the source, more than 60 people were injured, and 28 were killed in the explosion that happened on February 17 in the center of Ankara.

The explosion occurred in the city center, not far from a military dormitory, while a vehicle of the Turkish armed forces was passing by. Presumably, the majority of victims and casualties are military.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bekir Bozdag called the incident a terrorist act.

Earlier it was reported that at least five people were killed, and 10 injured in a blast in Ankara. The tragedy occurred near the center of Ankara’s Çankaya district, in a building next to the command of the Turkish Navy, where other military institutions are located. 

According to the governor of Ankara, the blast was targeted at military personnel that was coming back to the building in a column of buses. 

Source: news.liga.net


Image: AP