Ukraine received newest American systems for border control


The USA has brought modern radar border control system to Ukraine. This was reported by “Ukroboronprom” (Ukrainian Defense Industry – RRT) referencing to Channel 24.

In the near future the system will start working at seashore. Although, it is not specified when exactly this will happen, and where the system is going to be placed – this information is classified. In addition, Americans will teach Ukrainians to produce the newest military equipment by themselves. Technologies from the United States will be used at 4 Ukrainian factories.

“One company is located in Khmelnytsky, the second one in Ternopil, and two companies are from Kiev. Thus, 4 enterprises of Ukroboronprom will be involved in the program”, – says the CEO of Ukroboronprom Roman Romanov.

“I believe that it is the interest of the USA and Americans to challenge Putin, and make him understand that he had violated international law. We will work with our partners, and Ukrainians in particular. We are ready to help prevent Russian occupation of Ukraine”, – added the member Congress Loretta Sanchez.