Bellingcat published a new report on the crash of the flight MH17


The International research group Bellingcat has published a new report with the results of their investigation about the military who brought down the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over the Donbas in the summer of 2014.

In general, nothing new was reported. According to them, the plane was shot down by a “Buk” missile system, most likely by Russian soldiers of the 53rd Air Defense missile brigade.

“There is no direct evidence whether this “Buk” in Ukraine was handled by the Russian military, or separatists. However, given the complexity of the “Buk-M1” system, it is most likely that the Russian military not just handed a “Buk” to separatist commanders, but also sent a crew with it (at least as instructors). If the “Buk” had a Russian crew (which is the most likely scenario), it probably consisted of soldiers of the 53rd Air Defense missile brigade, which was located at the border with Ukraine in the summer of 2014″, – reported Bellingcat experts.

They also disclosed several dozen Russian soldiers’ names of those who could be involved in the plane crash. The military themselves have posted a whole pile of compromising data on social networks. It would seem that “harmless photos in Vkontakte” (the most popular Russian social network – RRT) have led investigators to them. However, they (Bellingcat – RRT) were nice, and photos and personal data were not disclosed in the report. However, they were just, so all the data was sent to the International investigation team (JIT) investigating the crash.

We especially like the Bellingcat’s conclusion.

“The responsibility for killing passengers of MH17 using weapons provided by the Russian armed forces, and probably managed by the Russian military, ultimately, lies with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Russia Vladimir Putin”.

Here is the full version with pictures, diagrams and photographs, all as you like.

For some reason, after the report was published, the website of the investigators was immediately attacked. Who could that possibly be?