GLONASS is no more


GLONASS is no more. Of course, Roscosmos promises to fix it, and no later than the middle of March, but … Frankly speaking, this is unlikely.

GLONASS system requires a minimum of 24 satellites for its operation. As it turns out the other day, the system went down at this critical minimum, and then one of the satellites exploded. Experts believe it’s the battery, but maybe something else.

But that’s not all!

Another satellite’s battery is completely dead…

Well, and the third one suffered from our own and usual – the human factor. “The satellite’s engines were mistakenly powered on, and it changed its position”.

The human factor … “Tractor’s engines were mistakenly powered on, and the barn’s walls slightly changed their location in space-time”.

Thus, 3 satellites at once changed their state from working to nonworking, and GLONASS stopped functioning.

Let me remind you that the GLONASS was “our everything” before Russia became a “superpower”, and began to solve the world’s geopolitical problems. Now, of course, it’s funny to remember how “low” we were flying back then – we only cared about geo positionong, not about geopolitics, or geo domination.



Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (under CC BY 2.0)